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About Us

Truhealth is a black woman owned South African company registered under the companies Act of the Republic with limited liability. The business is primary Agricultural based, however extensively on creating effective natural medicine using natural ingredients from the farm. Ms N Langa, the founder and CEO is well trained in agriculture, Herbology, HYSSAP, manufacturing dry herbs, capsules, tinctures, tonics, and powders for medical purposes. 

The business manufactures a wide range of natural medicine, including but not limited to: detox kit (i.e., colon cleanser, blood cleanser, organ cleanser, parasite cleanser and nutrimix), Moringa, diabetics, high blood, female rescue, skin oil, bath salt, and constileaf.


Our primary products include the items from the detox kit category. These are colon, organ, parasite cleansers and nutrimix.


Colon Cleanser is a Natural Detox Formula that captures all of the advantages of bulk-producing fiber, and at the same time is very gentle to your system. Colon Cleanser uses the goodness harvested from fruits, botanicals and grains to help cleanse your colon and promote regularity


Dish Washing Liquid

Surface Cleaner

Disinfectant Liquid

Super Cleaning

Truhealth Co’s mission is to offer our customers the most functional herbal medicine and support that meets the regulatory compliance requirements, safe and effective.

Dish Washing Liquid-
Surface Cleaner-
Disinfectant Liquid

Some benefits of our detergents · Super cleaning · Contributes to better environment management  · Long lasting cleaninf effects you can feel. Easy and friendly on hands